I tried to remember to read the questions before answering the webinar

As a seasoned professional and avid sharer of knowledge, I constantly find myself speaking on webinars, video conference meetings, and virtual classes where participants often ask detailed queries regarding my topics of expertise. In my eagerness to respond with helpful information, there was a time when I initially failed to pause, read the full question being asked and absorb its essence.

Recently, I made it my mission to train myself in the art of pausing before answering any questions during a webinar – and to my surprise and delight, it has shifted both the quality of my responses and the engagement from audiences in a profound way. Intrigued? Curious about how this affected my presentations? Then welcome to the journey of discovering why reading the questions in-depth is so essential!

The Need for Speed (Control)

The moment when participants type their questions into a chat box can be quite anxiety-inducing for speakers, as it’s natural to want to provide answers on-the-spot. Although I definitely experienced this anxiety, I soon realized that speed and impulse did not always deliver clarity, understanding or value to my audience. Instead, this rapid fire response mode sometimes caused confusion or even misunderstanding. So, what changed? How did I learn the power of pause?

Hello Clarity, My Old Friend

Taking that extra moment (or two) to carefully read and process each inquiry has given me invaluable clarity necessary in crafting a meaningful and accurate response. This newfound clarity not only allowed me to provide more relevant answers but also fostered smoother communication – no more having to double back in conversation after realizing I misunderstood the question mid-sentence!

Deep Engagement through Active Listening

Before pausing to fully absorb a question during webinars, my mind would have already been racing around formulating several possible responses simultaneously. This residue focus on my internal dialogue prevented me from being 100% present or actively listening during webinars.

When I started giving each question its due immersion and concentration, it had a significantly positive impact on participant experience. My replies became more truthful and customized while demonstrating genuine care for respecting their intentions.

Speedy vs. Succinct: The Takeaway

In shifting out of high-speed-response mode, I also noticed an increased ability to deliver succinct answers which optimized our time spent together – keeping audiences engaged and preventing any unnecessary fluff.

After all this reflection on why making an intentional effort to read questions thoroughly before diving head-first into answering them is highly beneficial, one thing is clear – the benefits are priceless! By embracing the power of pause and choosing depth over speed during webinars, you can provide your audience with richer insights and pave your way to become a captivating presenter who truly hears and comprehends their audience.

Remember: When it comes down to sharing your knowledge with others through digital platforms like webinars – slow down just a bit– process that query, absorb its intent and watch as your responses evolve into more accurate, engaging tales that capture the hearts and minds of your listeners. Happy questioning!