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September 15, 2014 in Designer Focus, Featured Posts


Today, we’re chatting with Grace from Hat of Bunny, which is at Scrap Takeout and MScraps. Much of the designs by Hat of Bunny contain lots of color, not to mention Grace creates kits with unique themes, especially hard-to-find Asian themes. Get to know more about Grace and how Hat of Bunny evolved for this fellow English major. Grace talks with me about her road to designing, sketches a picture of her “workspace,” and tells why she avoids horror movies. Before you read on, Hat of Bunny has a special coupon just for RLS, and if you’d like to get a freebie, be sure to take a look at our current Get Real Challenge #17 – Culture, sponsored by Hat of Bunny!

RLS Coupon for Hat of Bunny

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HOB_Big PhotoGrace, you share quite a bit about yourself on your blog, so what would your BFF say about you?
I love my BFF! She would say that I’m a very smart girl (and cite my valedictorianship when graduating college as evidence), and then she would warn you to not act dense around me because I have very little tolerance for stupidity. I generally disagree with her on the first point, and prefer to think of myself as hard-working and competitive instead of smart, but I cannot deny the second point. I get really impatient if I have to explain things more than once or if I have to deal with something/someone I perceive as stupid.

You mention on your blog that you stumbled upon digiscrapping in 2011. What pushed you into designing your own products?
The penny-pincher in me? No, seriously. When I first started digi-scrapbooking I only used freebies, and when I couldn’t find what I needed, I made my own. I had no knowledge of designing or Photoshop at that point, so it was with the help of a lot of Youtube tutorials that I got to where I am today. Now that I’ve scrapped for a few years, I know my style better and am more willing to spend money on supplies. In fact, I think I spend a little too much…

How did you come up with the name Hat of Bunny for your business? What’s the story behind the name?
My son was born in the year of the rabbit, and he was my main inspiration when I first started designing. I also knew I wanted my designs to add a little something special, something “magical,” to everyday moments, and that’s how “Hat of Bunny” came about — it refers to the rabbit that magicians pull out of their hats!

How would you describe your design style?  What inspires you and who are some of your favorite designers?
I try to re-create the realistic look in paper layouts, so I guess you can call my design style traditional. I’m actually in the process of reviewing my style, and I hope as time goes by I’ll be able to make kits that are obviously “Hat of Bunny.”

I’m mostly inspired by stories, words, quotes. It’s the English major in me. I usually start designing around a quote or a theme, or a photo of my kids that I need a kit for.

Favorite designers? I love Studio Flergs for her bright colors, Kristin Cronin-Barrow for her lovely floral papers, Forever Joy for her retro flair, and Deena Rutter for her cute illustrations. They’re just some on my very long list of favorites!

What’s your preference – Mac or PC? What one design tool is a must have for you?
I use a PC, and Photoshop is a must for me. I know, it’s a boring answer, but I’ve grown from fearing the program to loving it so much. There’s just no end to the things you can do in it. It’s like having a personal sandbox at my fingertips.

What do you like best about the design process?
I love the eureka moments: when I figure out how to make a certain element, when a pattern I made fills the canvas beautifully, or when I build the preview and see everything coming together, just like it does in my head. It’s addicting, really.

Describe your creative workspace/area.
My workspace is a chair! LOL I’ve given up the thought of a separate workspace for now. My daughter has a little attachment problem in that she needs to be attached to me, literally. During most of the day she’s either on my lap or leaning against me in some way. So I’ve set up a chair with my laptop on it, and I sit on the floor and design while my kids mill about me.

Which of your products did you have the most fun creating and why?
For Your Information – I love a fun infographic and this kit is designed to make your pages look like one. I really like how the page templates turned out.

For Your Information by Hat of Bunny

Korean Wave – This is a kit I’ve wanted to make since I started designing, and I think it is original and fun. I especially love the Korean costumes I drew.

Korean Wave by Hat of Bunny

Rainbow Ice – I spent my college days in Hawaii, and this kit reminds me of the beautiful islands. My favorite is the ombre papers that look like shave ice!

Rainbow Ice by Hat of Bunny

Please share several of your favorite layouts made with your products. 

This Beautiful Day – Catherine – I love the white space on this layout, and the combination of the stamp and the 3D flowers. The photos are perfect for this kit too!

This Beautiful Day by Catherine for Hat of Bunny

This Beautiful Day by Catherine

Sisters – Julia – The clustering on this layout is just gorgeous! All the details make me want to keep looking at it!

Sisters by Julia for Hat of Bunny

Sisters by Julia

Dream – Robin – I love the softness of this page, and the stacked paper near the edge. And how sweet is that photo?!

Dream by Robin for Hat of Bunny

Dream by Robin

Being a busy mom, do you have time to scrap? Can you share a favorite layout (or two!) you’ve created?
Not really, but this year it’s my goal to scrap a page every day. It’s not always possible but so far I’ve scrapped about 150 pages, which isn’t too shabby. I have to keep scrapping; it’s how I started designing in the first place!

Seanna in 2013 – This is by far my favorite layout this year. It’s not really a layout; it’s the cover of my daughter’s 1yo book. The background is made up of 144 photos. A labor of love for sure, but I love how the photos show her growing from day 1 to her first birthday.

Seanna in 2013 by Grace - Hat of Bunny

Seanna in 2013 by Grace

What are 5 fun facts about yourself?

  1. I have a weakness for carbonated drinks.
  2. I have a huge sweet tooth.
  3. I have never watched a horror movie. I have a great memory and can recall movies with “scary” scenes I’ve watched when I was a child (usually at the worst times, like when I’m alone in a dark house). I know what a horror movie will do to me so I avoid watching one.
  4. I’m terrified of flying, though I’ve flown many, many times.
  5. I’ve had eye surgery when I was about 4, to correct my crossed eyes. I’ve been wearing glasses ever since.

As a mother to two young children, I’m sure you don’t get a lot of time to yourself. If you had a day without the kids, what would you plan?
Oh, what a sweet scenario! The answer will depend on which day it is… if a deadline is coming up I’d probably sit in front of the computer and design all day. Otherwise, I’d go and do some window shopping. I’m a city girl and I love being in the mall, even if I don’t buy anything. I’d also like to take a leisurely stroll in the craft store, and maybe scrap a bit when I return home.

I know you’ve traveled a bit, so if you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
Hawaii. Hands down the most beautiful place I’ve lived. I love the weather, the Aloha spirit, the beaches… everything, really. It’s crazy expensive to live there, but it really is our goal to move back there.

What do you love most about being a part of the scrapbooking community?
The people! I don’t have any real-life friends who share my hobby, so it’s always great to talk to people who share my obsession. I love it especially when the community comes alive during big events like iNSD and DSD; you can almost see the excitement in the air and nothing beats that.

Lastly, what are you working on now? Do you have a “sneak peek” for our readers?
My family is coming to visit me this month so I don’t have much time to design, but I’m working on a kit. Here’s a sneak peek of a paper. I hope you all like rainbow palettes!

Sneak Peek

Thank you, Grace, for the fun chat and coupon! Remember, if you’d like to get a freebie from Hat of Bunny, be sure to join us for Get Real Challenge #17 – Culture, where you can receive the Harmony in Diversity kit for free! The challenge ends on September 23rd, so be sure to participate soon!

Don’t forget – we take applications for Designer Focus features! Tell your favorite designers you would love to see them featured here at Real Life Scrapped!


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Real Standouts – September 13th

September 13, 2014 in Real Standouts

Real Standouts

Hi, here we are again, the weekend RSO’s. Seriously it is Saturday again already! The gallery is as ever full of gems to be discovered, so don’t forget that after checking out today’s pick of the crop to check out all those great layouts there wasn’t room for. The gallery is an amazing place for inspiration.

I love the colours of this layout by Cindy which complement her lilac photos perfectly. Lovely journaling and clusters too. I like the masked photo on the background that adds an extra dimension to the page.

My Lilacs by Cindy

Lilja has created a great page and I love her use of the geese embellishment flying across the centre of the layout, they work so well against the rectangular ‘windows’.

Travel in Style by Lilja

An eye catching page by Helene. Love the bold of the footwear and word art against the lake photo and the little bird perching on happiness!

Summer Fun by Helene

Paris, one of my favourite places to visit and Carmel has created a gorgeous layout here with Paris as her theme. Love the framing of the photo, first masked and then defined with a basic rectangular frame, finally swirls to complement the straight frame lines.

Paris by Carmel

Vera’s beautiful photo works great with the overlay and orange background paper. Love the way she has ‘sewn’ these together too. Great page.

Fall by Vera

I love the soft finish on this layout by Geraldine and the blend of the photo with the tree rings paper and finally the highlight of the main focus of the photo. It all combines to make a beautiful page.

Golden Gardens by Geraldine

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Have lots of fun capturing those moments to scrap and then crafting that special page to remember the moment.


Funday Friday – September 12

September 12, 2014 in Funday Fridays

Funday Fridays

It’s finally Friday, although I feel a little more like FRIEDay! :D  However, that means a weekend for me along with some fresh new scrap releases! Let’s see what’s out in digiland this week…

Celebrate ViolaMoni’s birthday from Sept. 12-15 with a 50% off sale in her store!

50% Off Birthday Sale for ViolaMoni

Two More Days is back in business at her own shop! Celebrate with 30% off storewide including the newest releases Little Things and So Tiny. Purchase Little Things before Tuesday, September 16th and receive So Tiny for free!

Little Things by Two More Days

Since I’m a West coast girl, I really love these State of Mind: The West Coast templates from Queen Wild Scraps!

State of Mind: The West Coast by Queen Wild Scraps

Another personal favorite, since I can truly relate to this (having a toddler of my own) – I’m A Big Kid Now, a collab from Libby Pritchett and Digilicious Design.

I'm A Big Kid Now by Libby Pritchett & Digilicious Design

Maybe your child is a little older, like a teenage girl? She Believes from Etc by Danyale focuses on the positive side of the angst of growing up. The bundle is shown here.

She Believes Collection from Etc by Danyale

Here’s one for all the moms - Momisms by Amber Shaw and Tickled Pink Studio! How many times have you said some of these??? It also comes with matching journaling cards or grab the bundle for more savings!

Momisms by Amber Shaw & Tickled Pink Studio

Add a little fun to your art journaling with Fancy Anna from Sissy Sparrows!

Fancy Anna by Sissy Sparrows

While today is fairly warm, there have been signs of autumn – cool, crisp mornings, which I love. If you’re feeling in the fall mood, Pretty Dutch Designs has the Artsy Fall collection – brushes, papers, and little bits – which are also sold separately. You can grab a matching add-on freebie (pictured in the bottom right corner below) on the Pretty Dutch Designs Facebook fan page!

Artsy Fall Collection by Pretty Dutch Designs

Or how about the FA-LL-BULOUS kit from Jopke Designs? There is also a value kit which includes the kit below, plus word art, leaves, stitches, and masks!

FA-LL-BULOUS by Jopke Designs

The UrbanStitchez Leaves No. 1 from Anna Aspnes caught my eye too!

UrbanStitchez Leaves No. 1 by Anna Aspnes

And one more fall kit I couldn’t resist – Always Crisp, a collab from Mommyish and Studio Basic!

Always Crisp by Mommyish and Studio Basic

If you’re lamenting the days of summer are almost over, relive some of the summer moments with Firefly Nights from LJS Designs and Tami Miller Designs! Don’t miss the coordinating word art, glitter sheets, solid papers, alphas, and wood veneer packs.

Firefly Nights by LJS Designs & Tami Miller Designs

When it’s time to end the vacation, Weekend at Home by Kate Hadfield will help you celebrate the last few weeks of summer and those lazy, sun-filled weekends with family and friends!

Weekend At Home Kit by Kate Hadfield

Finally, if you’re already thinking ahead to the coming year, Creative Lenses Studio has new calendar templates in Portugese to get you off on the right foot! Here is just one of the three styles available:


Yikes! 2015? I think I’ll stop here. Thank you for joining us for another Funday Friday! Be sure to submit your goodies for next week’s post! Have a super weekend!


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by Cynthia

Real Standouts – September 11th-

September 11, 2014 in Real Standouts

Real Standouts

My God…. we are almost in mid September…where has the time go? Is it true, you think, that the older we get the fastest time seems to go? Anyway…hope you are all well..is gone midnight here in London (00:29 to be precise!) and I had a day filled with doctors appointments and tests for every little thing that needs to be kept under control…and as I have doctors tomorrow early, I thought (which is the way I think EVERY time before making a post!!!) as I was saying, I thought I come, pick 3 or 4 pages and go sleep…well: impossible. The beauty in the gallery is such…I would have to stay the whole night to make justice to everyone…but here are some:

100 Day Happy by Karrie is very much my kind of page: casual, amazingly composed, great photos, great content, I can imagine the stories for the photos, and love all the elements/word art placement, super gorgeous page!!!

Kiss Like Real People Do from Ellen, one of my most fav scrappers, this page fills me with happiness and beauty….strange as I’m not too keen on yellow in general…but from Ellen’s hand? It is a poem- Love the ballet theme, the layering & perfect shadows, and, as if this wasn’t gorgeous enough, she throws some fun into it! love those hearts cut ours and the super fun tittle!!!

Exploring Great Falls by Shelby has so much warmth and dynamic! Love the circular centered composition, super cute photos & the bookee effect in the background gives it even more light! it is like a gigantic sun full of sweetness!!!

Another sunny page, with light that makes it all the way to my bedroom (love the gesso used here!!!) is Enjoy from Margje- Love how she creates with the images and turns them into canvas painted stories… as I said, the light is incredible, the photo beautiful and the whole feel of the page makes me want to stay in summer!!! In addition to all this, the circles & word art give another great touch….Love this!

Now, if you know me, you know I very, very rarely make blank space pages- not for lack of love for them, but maybe because I have so much to say – the kits that come with so many elements it seems a shame not to use them…..but I do sometimes. It isn’t easy- What I mean is, blank space scrapping to me has to be super well done, has to tell me something…and tell a story or even convey what I consider feeling through a scrapbook page is not easy….well, here is one girl who always, always says it all with very little, a girl so full of elegance in her art, and so much love she gives- I’m sure most of you know Soco, well, here is a superb page by her, with her two adorable little girls (enjoy them! times flies!!!) The photo treatment is amazing, the whole page is one of those jewels that tells us lots with little….perfection :)

And here are two amazing pages that say a lot in a very different way…both intense and both by amazing artists too- This one from Jeanine is edited in a way that gives even more strength to the photo, and every little piece she has added in this composition speaks so loud & in harmony! Beautiful tribute to the talented Robin Williams (I am still trying to make sense of his passing….this world is upside down sometimes …)

And last buit not least, a wonderful photo-less page by Brigitta (Hekas) another superb artist with a striking use of yellow….I am in LOVE with the doll, absolute marvel with the numbers, the bits of word art are perfect…incredible page all together….I just want to go grab all she used in this page to make one of my own!!!! gorgeous, gorgeous page!!!!

This is all from me today…hope you enjoy these as much as I do…if you can spare a minute, give these awesome ladies some love in their gallery…they certainly deserve it!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!







Get Real Challenge 2014 – #17

September 10, 2014 in Featured Posts, Get Real Challenges

2014_GetReal_prompt-CultureWow – you are all rocking the challenges! I hope this new challenge, sponsored by Hat of Bunny, will inspire you as well! Grace, the designer behind Hat of Bunny, chose the theme “culture” for our new challenge. Now, all you need to do is take our prompt and participate in any way that the prompt inspires you — a layout, a little journaling, a photo — anything relevant to the prompt goes! We just want you to be inspired to create something. Read on to find out how to participate…

The Prompt:


When Grace wrote to me about our theme for this round, she said: “I’d like to pick ‘culture,’ just because a lot of my designs are inspired by my own, Asian background.” I was thrilled by her selection, simply because culture has been something I’ve explored as I’ve gotten older. I’ve posted the literal definition of the word “culture” here, but we hope that you will think a little bit about this and put your own twist on it. As Grace wrote: “I think the word is broad enough for a great deal of different interpretations.”

Let me share a little something about myself. When I was younger, I wasn’t very interested in my heritage. I didn’t think much about it, and in some ways, I even felt embarrassed by it. However, as I got older (and because I started scrapbooking as a hobby), I was curious about where I came from. That obviously led me into genealogy. I wanted to know about the Philippine Islands, where my grandparents grew up, so I started to research the history and culture of their homeland. Unfortunately, by the time I showed any interest in my heritage, my grandparents were long gone, so I had to rely on reference books. I haven’t done any actual scrapbook pages yet about my heritage, but I think those will definitely be in my future.

What I chose to focus on for this challenge was creating a page about growing up in a town with a big melting pot. I never saw myself as a member of a particular ethnic group, except when it was pointed out to me. So I decided to create a page about how I didn’t grow up with cultural differences:

One Big Melting Pot by cyranscrap

One Big Melting Pot by cyranscrap

So, what does culture mean to you? And remember – have fun!

The Jumpstarts:

  • Is there something about your culture you’d like to introduce to someone? Food? Traditions? Clothing?
  • What makes up your culture?


  • How does your culture make you uniquely you?

Wendell Pierce quote on Culture

  • Are you a mix of several nationalities? If so, how does that influence you?
  • Have you ever experienced culture shock? What was your experience? How did it make you feel?

Gandhi quote on Culture

  • Although many people don’t think about it first, lots of companies have a “corporate culture.” Does your workplace have one? Describe it.

The Participation Prize:

Hat of Bunny has generously provided the “Harmony in Diversity,” a beautiful Asian-inspired mini kit to all participants. Links will be sent out within 2-4 days after the end of the challenge.


To Participate:

  • Simply let yourself be led by the prompt to create anything — a scrapbooking page, a paragraph (or more!) of journaling, a photo collage or photo, etc. It doesn’t matter what you do, but that you do it!
  • Link us up directly to your page, photo, blog post, etc. in the comments on this blog post! If you just want to write some journaling, leave it in a comment! Any entry counts!
  • Please upload pages and/or photos to the Real Life Scrapped gallery, as outside gallery links often get caught in our spam checker. Just copy and paste the URL from your web browser bar – no need to do html coding in the comments.
  • Make sure you’re logged into your RLS account when leaving your comment, so we can send you your prize via PM.
  • To receive the participation prize, your response must be submitted by September 23rd at 10 pm PDT.