Sitting Down With Simple Pleasure Designs

August 18, 2014 in Designer Focus, Featured Posts


Today we’re sitting down with Jennifer of Simple Pleasure Designs. Jennifer creates shabby meets artsy kits, a style that I’m loving! It’s perfect for those of us who have shabby roots from the early days of digiscrapping, but we’re now in love with the artsy style. It’s a great combo! Keep on reading to get to know Jennifer, grab our exclusive coupon and a freebie!

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Simple Pleasure DesignsTell us about yourself!?
I am a Mom & a wife to 2 sweet boys & one sweet man! My boys are little miracles to us – they came 5 and a half years apart after 9 years of trying & losing 5 along the way. We are blessed beyond belief & so thankful that we never gave up the dream of having children of our own! Our oldest Tristan is now 9 & our youngest Ashton is now 4! They are the light of our lives!! Together we have LOVED traveling to the Disney Parks (definitely a family favorite). My husband & I have also had the opportunity to travel abroad. Above all Paris has been a favorite of mine :)

What do your family and friends think about your artistic side? Are they also artistic – or are you the lone artsy one?
My biggest supporters have been my parents. They both have encouraged me along the way to keep at it! My Mom is very artistic & we LOVE to scrapbook together – however she is still in love with traditional scrapping – but I am slowly bringing her into the light lol…

Aside from scrapbooking, what really fulfills you? What else is it that you absolutely love to spend your time doing? 
All my life Music has played a big role in my life. I cut a CD when I was 17 (now I am almost 40 – shhh). So, singing has always been a HUGE love! My faith is also a big part of who I am. My Mom & Dad are incredible role models & about the 2 nicest people I have ever had the blessing of knowing – they have given me a love for life & Faith!

Magical Road Trip1

What’s one random fact about yourself that most people don’t know?
I could seriously listen to Christmas music ALL throughout the year… silly I know – but it makes me happy haha!

How did you get started in scrapbooking? How did you stumble upon digiscrap?
I actually became a Consultant YEARS ago for Creative Memories! It was a big part of my life for a long time. I learned of digital scrapbooking through them as well & began with the Storybook Creator Program. I have always LOVED design & learning to create art digitally soon became an incredible passion!

What is one tool of the trade that you can’t live without?
I LOVE the Dodge & Burn Tools – simple thing, but I enjoy giving shadow & depth to elements & papers. Gives a realistic look! I Also LOVE flourishes! I add them wherever I can! That & stripes & circles lol!

Magical Momenst 2

Do you have advice for anyone wanting to start digiscrapping?
I always like to share with someone new to “just start simple”… until you develop a style all your own! Never be afraid to try something new & be encouraged by others layouts you see & love – give them a try, you can’t break a digital layout ☺! You can always delete, start anew or change something that doesn’t feel right the next day! That is the beauty of digital!

What got you into designing? Did someone urge you to start designing, or did you decide to take the plunge yourself?
I began designing on a design team about 9 years ago… creating layouts & then freebies etc… it lead to creating marketing pieces, catalogue covers etc… I began small & slowly developed my craft over time. I have always had a love for Design, fashion & art – so it was a natural progression! Many of my friends & family encouraged me to pursue it & I began to believe in myself & thought “Why Not” ☺

What inspires your products? 
Definitely my Family & the Stories our lives tell on a daily basis. Whether it is a family trip or a sweet expression on my little ones face, the color & sparkle of their eyes in a photograph – it all leads to ideas! I seem to find inspiration everywhere I look… I am always looking at billboards & magazine adds noticing the details… thinking hmmm now there is a good idea! I have even dreamt of certain designs haha – they don’t always turn out quite as nice as they appeared in my dreams, however. ☺

Vintage Sugar3

What do you love most about designing and/or digiscrapping?
For me designing is a HUGE release, it is my “ME” time! It gives me a sense of pride in an ability or talent, if you will, for bringing beauty & life to a blank page. Giving my photos a voice & a beautiful canvas that draws the story out from within.

What is your favorite thing to design or make?
I used to love creating elements & word art, now I have been truly enjoying designing papers as well. I love layering & working with the perfect color wash, patterns etc… I enjoy all aspects of designing a collection, however, the best feeling is when you begin to see it all come together & all of your time & effort culminates into a fresh new package of cohesive designs! It is SO much FUN to see the end result!

Magical Moments1

Who would be your dream designer to collab with right now?
I have always loved Katie Pertiet she has such a beautiful style & one that has inspired me since I began designing. Years ago, I read an interview with her online & reading about her story inspired me to believe that I could do it too, thank you Katie ☺!

Tell us about your workspace! What do you love about it? What would you change?
I absolutely LOVE my workspace!! I am spoiled rotten!! Just over a year ago my husband and I began redecorating our office… it soon lead to a very feminine workspace (lol, wink). However, I promised him that once we set out on developing our basement – it could be ALL his ☺ Pretty good trade I’d say! The walls are a very calm soft blue with accents of cranberry & white. I was SO happy with the result… one of the best features of the space would have to be my 21 inch Mac ☺ I purchased it with the earnings I had saved with my new Design Business – best purchase I could have ever made – it makes desiging a DREAM!!! ☺

My Workspace 3

What’s one of your favorite products?
I really do love working with my kits, I love BIG kits so each has TONS! I love Christmas so my Christmas Kits are among my faves, “It’s a Wonderful Life” & “Baked with Love”. I also LOVE one of the newest releases – Vintage {SUGAR} it is one I am reaching for again & again. My newest release “Beautifully Grunged” is sure to be one of my favourites – I am working on it now & am loving the results! As of late I have been inspired by the mixed media style a TON & this reflects that style a great deal! I Cannot WAIT to see it finished!! I must say I have had a lot of fun with my Disney Inspired kits too (hehe) I have SO many more Disney pages to do & I am looking forward to diving into them again ☺ Sorry, was I only supposed to mention one (oops) ☺


Ready for a freebie?? or two??? Grab one on Jennifer’s blog, and the other on her Facebook page! Don’t forget to grab her EXCLUSIVE coupon code and get 30% off your purchase!!



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Funday Friday – August 15th

August 15, 2014 in Funday Fridays

Funday Fridays

Well hello, hello!  Nice to be back.  Work has been crazy busy, but things are back to normal now, so I am back!  I was able to scope out all the shops earlier today, and I am here to bring you some awesome digideals to you!  August is in full swing and that means back to school time for some.  I have to be honest, I have no kiddos, but I still love looking at the back to school supplies.  I totally love all the fun notebooks, and I am a total sucker for pens.  Hold me back in that back to school aisle!


So with this in mind I came across this super cute collab by Tickled Pink Studio and Megan Turnidge.  Love all the bold colors and those flower elements are simply gorgeous!


And how about these word arts from Studio Unica!  I am totally having flashbacks of my organic chemistry class!  These would look great on any school themed or art journal page!


I love grungy backgrounds for my art journal pages, and these new Grungy and Messy mixed media papers from Little Butterfly Wings, really fit the bill!


I am a true romantic and I totally love this kit, You’re the One That I Want! (and you know I really want this kit now, lol, and I can’t stop singing the song now either!)


I love the rich colors in this kit by River~Rose Designs.  I just fell in love with its country charm!


I couldn’t help but notice this kit over at Pixels & Co by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients.  Love the pinks combined with the browns here, so pretty, don’t you think!?


I can’t believe that Christmas is on its way!  It is going to be here before we know it.  Artisan Scrap is having a sale on select Christmas and winter kits.  I think its worth checking out.


I really love templates.  They make scrapping a breeze for me.  I recently discovered this template designer, Dagi’s Temp-tations, and was so happy to see that her whole shop is on sale at Gingerscraps!


I was totally excited when I saw this two pager pack of templates from AK Designs. Its not too often that i see double page layout templates.


Have you seen the most recent Designer Focus here on the Real Life Scrapped blog? JB Studio Designs was featured and she has a new kit out this week called Into the Family.  She also is having her grand opening at Gingerscraps, and everything is 30% off in her new shop!



And if you are a fan of Mye de Leon, her entire guest shop is on sale over at Mscraps!

Thank you for joining us for another Funday Friday!  Hopefully you saw something you like!  Be sure to submit your goodies for next week’s post! Have a terrific weekend!


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Real Standouts – August 15th-

August 14, 2014 in Real Standouts

Real Standouts

Hello!!!! So I have been having a difficult time with all that life stuff that gets in the way of our scrapping…..annoying, right? LOL Thing is, I had no sleep last night stressed a bit about problems with my car lease renewal, tax returns, money to pay rent…things like that…so I ended up falling asleep in the sofa whilst watching NCIS (which I just discovered- after 11 years LOL) before 8pm…woke up at 11:30pm and remembered I had to come share beauties with you!!!!!! You people do NOT make my job easy….so many people with so many absolutely amazing pages….how is a girl to choose? Not easy, but here are some of the most beautiful pages I found!!!!

Indigo Sunset by Danica is (as usual with her pages) something I want to put up on my wall. The photo is superb, the color play here is so intense it makes me wanna stare at it for ages… I have seen this girl evolve in the past year so amazing, no matter what style she is scrapping, her pages are always full of joy!!!!!

The Littlest One by Melinda is another jewel in the gallery. I love her work always, and this combines so much I love…. It wasn’t easy to choose tonight as she has many pages I would like to share with you, but this one won my heart as my daughter also performs…gorgeous take on the templates, amazing depth with the colors and fab tittle, love how there is everything here I consider to be the joy of scrapbooking: memory record, art and journaling…super amazing page!!!!!

Baseball can be Beautiful by Cindy- she couldn’t be more right. I am not a sports person, nor have I have boys…but looking at this, I’m falling in love with the sport. The page is superbly composed and the clustering is beautiful, everything in this page screams beauty!!!!! Cindy is another one making my job difficult…have a look at her whole gallery as she also has one gem after another!!!!

It’s raining, It’s pouring by Jaye has me singing the 70s songs now )I think it wa`s Donna Summer & Barbara Streissand!) and what an amazing page this is! LOVE the layering, the journaling and the photo are telling the story in the most amazing way, shadows are killers, she is another of my fav scrappers and I’m so glad to have found this page today!!!!!

Last but not least, another lady with so many amazing pages it wasn’t easy to choose: La grande glissade by Gaelle- I love her full photo pages, but I couldn’t resist this one…. I’m not a fan of blank space scrapping for my own pages, also don’t think blank space is just dropping a photo and one element…to make blank space pages as masterful as this one….it takes some awesome talent. This is joy from wherever I look it at, everything here is perfect!!!!!

This is all from me today, thanks so much for sharing your talents with us always, have an amazing weekend!!!!!!



Just Because Studio, not *just* talented!

August 11, 2014 in Designer Focus, Featured Posts


Today we’re sitting down with Just Because Studio from Go Digital Scrapbooking.  Dani creates traditional kits with great color coordination and personal touches that most designers wouldn’t think to add! Keep on reading to get to know Dani and her designers better, plus grab a special coupon and freebie!

Coupon for Just Because Studio

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5952771b-6a51-4082-973d-975808bf0620Tell us about yourself.
Hi, I’m Daniella also known as Dani Alencar on digiland. I am 33 and Brazilian. I live with my husband, our 9-year-old daughter (who is growing up much faster than I expected) and our sweet dog Bambu in Arujá, a small town in Brazil. I work full time as a coordinator in a language school and also teach English. When I’m not working, I am at home designing, scrapping, taking care of my family, reading or watching movies.

What do your family and friends think of your asrtistic side? Are they also artistic – or are you the lone artsy one?
They admire my creativity, however in our culture arts are not seen as a profitable way of living and it is hard to make people understand its importance in my life, not only as a hobby but also as a way to release stress. There aren’t many artsy ones in our family, but in our home we are all connected to art somehow. My husband is a vocalist in an independent rock band and my daughter loves singing, dancing, painting and paper crafting.

Made using "Sweet Talk"

Made using “Sweet Talk

Aside from scrapbooking, what really fulfills you? What else is that you absolutely love to spend time doing?
Watching movies with my family. We are crazy about it. We can watch a movie over and over again and we like to talk about the cast, director, voices, etc. We also use lines from the movies to make fun of one another.

What’s one random fact about yourself that most people don’t know?
This is a funny question and I asked hubby to help me with that. He pointed the fact that I don’t get dressed right after taking a shower and that’s true. Probably it’s not very normal, but I don’t like getting dressed after taking showers, I feel I’m not dry enough and I feel uncomfortable so I stay on towels for long periods around the house until I put on clothes.

How did you get started in scrapbooking? How did you stumble upon digiscrap?
It was totally by chance. I can’t remember what I was searching on the internet when I came across a Brazilian forum about scrapbooking and I loved it totally. I spend days searching, download tutorials, reading techniques and then I heard of two stores in São Paulo, the first stores in Brazil and bought some things to start. It was back on 2003. Months later I got pregnant and scrapbooking was the perfect way of capturing my little girl’s journey. In 2006 I met some online friends in a craft fair and two of them tried to convince me to start digiscrapping. I admit to have turned up my nose at the digital version at first because as a paper scrapper I loved the depth, texture, hidden journaling, being able to touch all the details. However, after much insistence I gave in and started experimenting with Photoshop. And it became another passion because I realized it was less messy, much cheaper, more practical and less time consuming, the perfect combination for a mother who works full time.

What is one tool of the trade that you can’t without?
I am a realistic/paper digiscrapper and I love using patterned paper in blocks or as a background. I also love buttons and wordbits.

Do you have advice for anyone wanting to start digiscrapping?
Don’t try to scrap for others and don’t try to be original or unique, just be yourself and do it for yourself. That’s what matters. Something I did a lot when I was a beginner and I still do is scraplifting, it is a good way to learn. Reading blogs helped me learn a lot also. I’ve been posting some tips and tutorials with the help of my creative team girls:

What got you into designing?
I am very curious and I always want to try new things and one year after starting digiscrapping I was really in the mood to try creating some paper and learning how to make my own elements. Some digi friends motivated me and then I made my first kit.

What inspires your products?
Inspiration can come from a word, a moment with my family or friends, special celebrations, movies, pretty much anything but specially music. I love listening to music when I am creating.

What do you love most about designing? And/or digiscrapping?
I love how I can just turn off from the real word and connect to my soul while I’m creating, no worries, no stress. And I think it is amazing that I can rely on my albums to remember our family stories and how much we’ve been growing together.

What is your favorite thing to design or make?
Oh, it’s hard to answer. I love designing and I don’t have a favorite element. What I try to do is to add enough elements so a scrapper doesn’t have to mix with other kit if she doesn’t like to.

Made with "Rock This Way"

Made with “Rock This Way

Who would be your dream designer to collab with right now?
It’s impossible to name only one designer. I love collabing and I do it whenever it is possible. 

Tell us about your workspace?
I don’t have a special place, I have an old computer in an old office table in a corner of our living room. LOL We have plans to build a workspace for me in our master bedroom. 

What’s one of your favorite products? Why?
It is On Cloud Nine because it was an experience that worked out. *giggle*

On Cloud Nine Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Using "On Cloud 9"

Using “On Cloud 9

Let’s check out some more layouts with Dani’s products!

Made with "Tell Your Story - July"

Made with “Tell Your Story – July

Using "Days Go By"

Using “Days Go By

Made with "Gone Away"

Made with “Gone Away

And if all that inspiration – and the generous coupon – wasn’t enough… here’s an awesome freebie!!

Digiscrap Freebie from JB Studio

Available for a limited time.

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Real Standouts – August 9th

August 9, 2014 in Real Standouts

Real Standouts

Hello, it’s time for Saturday’s RSO’s :) Today’s post covers all sorts of topics from wellies to gorgeous looking cake! So without further ado let’s take a look.

I love this bold page by Melissa. The colours complementing the wellies, the almost welly patterned paper hung up either side of the photo and the scattering of beads. Great page :)

Unique by Melissa

Jeanet has created a lovely layout of a place she has called “one of the most magical places in Denmark”. And I think we will all agree that it certainly looks like a place for the fairies to hide away in :) A great mix of journaling, photo, and embellishments and I love the toadstool chart which really finishes off the page.

Døndalen… by Jeanet

Brenda’s page of Bubbles is a beautiful blend of her photo, papers and embellishments, which gives it a lovely soft look, which I love. Stunning page :)

My Bubbles by Brenda

I love this layout by Carmel, the colours of the kits used complementing the photo and the overall arty look to the page. It’s captured my imagination :)

Tuscany by Carmel

And now to the cake, and a cake made all of chocolate too! Dawn has created a striking page here with the torn frame, layering, and elements to complement the colours in the photo. Eye catching!

choccywoccydoodah by Dawn

I hope you all love these layouts as much as I do and if you see any you love in the gallery don’t forget to say so, until next time, keep scrapping :)