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Real Standouts – July 31st

July 31, 2014 in Real Standouts

Real Standouts

Ohhhh my!!!!!!! are you as taken as I am by this year going so fast? We are in August (well, almost!!!!) I think that, for me, last year was a very, very difficult one as my daughter decided to have her “teenage phase” , 2013 seemed dragging to no end…surprisingly (as I started with being admitted to hospital in December and spent New Year’s Eve there!!!!) this year has been quiet good and seems to be rushing in! But lets get to what we are here for (yes, I know I talk too much….!!!!) I have been around the galleries and…oh…how I would love to have another 12 hours or so in my day to be able to stop in so many absolutely delightful pages!!!!! Here are some of the most beautiful ones I found:

I love this girl’s pages. LOVE her. She is “loud” colorful, honest and has so much talent!!!!!! Every page of hers, no matter how full or blank spacey she makes it, carries her signature, speaks to one’s heart…This one is one of those that can make me change my mind about stuff I have my mind quiet set on…..like the dolls. These dolls. I have to admit: spook me. They are somehow cousins of Chukky who ate my mind some twenty something years ago (Child’s Play movies) …but here? This doll moves from spook world to colorful Shannon world, to beautiful background, fun, play, I get the feeling of sunset and beauty…not even a hint of spooky!!!! Love the shadows, and the names!!!!!!!!!!! Well, just LOVE this!!!!!!! Even the tittle is wonderful! Here is Shannon’s (roboliver)’s A Whole Lotta Wonderful :)

From plenty colorful to almost colorless….but with so much fun, light & shadows infused….is colorful to the soul!!!!!!!!! I’m always saying how I LOVE designers who scrap, and this one designs and scraps top quality. Her pages are always amazing, be that her scrapping with her own creations or other people’s. This page just called my eye from the little thumbnail… and what a wonderful thing it is! Love pages that feel hand-made, and here the shadows are so precise, so perfect, it almost seems like a photo of a paper LO!!!. The doodles in the background, fun stitches, illustrations that take you right into the garden….there is so much light in this page, it was only fair that I brought it here to shine! Here is digging by Dawn Inskip.

The next page is from another one of my favorite ladies, has one of my most favorite techniques on splitting photos, super delicate , very little in manner of elements, but then again, with a photo like this…..you don’t want to take the focus away from it! The cloud is a soft detail, the place & date so everyone further in time can recall this Adventure by Rae (bcgal00)

And here we have another impressive landscape as focus on a page which screams identity too, from a girl who literally screams her identity :) …LOVE the photo, and the work done here not only enhances it but also gives more substance to the statement/page: perfectly chosen alpha, very few details because not much is needed, but what is done is done with perfection (look at those shadows!!!!) I think I would be proud to be Singaporean too :) The Day by Agnes (purlz76)

And here is a page which fills me with joy & the very best feelings!!!!!! I took that photo!!! yes!!!! Natascha came to London to visit us last month, we had so much fun, so much laughter, and she is every bit of the amazing person her pages transpire her to be….a delight of a company. Love the page in every little thing, as usual Natascha gets lots in perfect harmony, all the little bits & pieces, word arts, little gorgeous clusters with amazing shadows, journaling, and a perfect tittle with a beautiful alpha with matching shadows!!!! Delight in every pixel!!!! City Trip by Natascha:

A Day at the water park by Kari (dotcomkari) is another jewel in the gallery, so much fun with all the frames, the movement in the page is gorgeous and I’m loving the water splashes and the amazing background work!!!! The journaling done in the bits of papers adds even more to the whole composition, superb page!!!

Before I go, there is one more page, one by another hyper talented lady, full of color and feeling, and this page just adds to the amazing things I’m discovering about her…she is not one to journal much, but the lines she does journal are glimpses into her life and beautiful soul…and in this page what we see is treasure. If I’m not mistaken this is her son…what an amazing page, full of vibrancy but the earth tones making it so very masculine, all the circles/bubbles that go in dynamic movement with that light bulb, the word arts on creativity, the painted background, those extra gorgeous stitches shadowed to perfection…..her motherly creation within her creativity in the page…. just gorgeous. Absolutely Gorgeous: Ellen Tucker’s Creativity-

Almost midnight here so I need to say see you later…surely hope these amazing ladies inspire you as they inspire me, their creations are so treasured, if you can spare a minute for just a word or two, drop in their galleries to do so. Hope you are all having a great night & have an amazing weekend!!!!


Get Real Challenge 2014 – #14

July 30, 2014 in Featured Posts, Get Real Challenges

Happy Challenge Day! I am really excited to be here doing my first challenge with you! This challenge is sponsored by Jenn Barrette, who you can read all about in our recent Designer Focus (and grab a 40% off coupon!!) She has also included a sweet freebie that coordinates not only with the kit showcased with the coupon, but this challenge as well! The theme of this challenge is “Wild”. All you need is do is take our prompt and participate in any way that the prompt inspires you — a layout, a little journaling, a photo — anything relevant to the prompt goes! We just want you to be inspired to create something.

The Prompt:


The Jumpstarts:

  • Do you have a tween with an insatiable love for zebra or cheetah print?
  • Take some photos of your pets acting silly, crazy, or just being lazy!
  • Jane Porter stated, ” Be shocking, be daring, be bold, be passionate.”
  • Perfect prompt for scrapping about the wild moments your kids have being playful and silly!
  • Have a crazy work week or a crazy schedule of errands at home you are trying to keep up with! Tell us about them in a layout!
  • Let lyrics inspire a layout! Songs like:”Wild Thing” by The Troggs,”Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf,”Kings of the Wild Frontier” by Adam & The Ants,”Goin Wild For You Baby” by Bonnie Raitt, “Wild Wild West” by Will Smith, “Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed, all have some fun lyrics to include or inspire a layout or story to be journaled!u cannot do a kindness too soon, for you
  • How about scrapping about a “Mom’s Night Out,” “Girls Night Out,” “Just the Men,” etc.
  • Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City said, “Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.”

The Prize:

Thanks again to our challenge sponsor, Jenn Barrette! Links will be sent out in the days after the end of the challenge.


To Participate:

  • Simply let yourself be led by the prompt to create anything — a scrapbooking page, a paragraph (or more!) of journaling, a photo collage or photo, etc. It doesn’t matter what you do, but that you do it!
  • Link us up directly to your page, photo, blog post, etc. in the comments on this blog post! If you just want to write some journaling, leave it in a comment! Any entry counts!
  • Please upload pages and/or photos to the Real Life Scrapped gallery, as outside gallery links often get caught in our spam checker. Just copy and paste the URL from your web browser bar – no need to do html coding in the comments.
  • Make sure you’re logged into your RLS account when leaving your comment, so we can send you your prize via PM.
  • To receive the participation prize, your response must be submitted by Augsut 13th at 10 pm PDT.



Jenn Barrette Designs – Homebody at Heart

July 28, 2014 in Designer Focus, Featured Posts


Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Jenn of Jenn Barrette Designs from Sweet Shoppe Designs. Jenn Barrette Designs creates eclectic and captivating kits with lots of vintage pieces. I know that when I look at Jenn’s creations, I always find something fun in every kit. In fact, Jenn has a 40% off coupon for her We Are Wild and Free kit below. Before you go off and add this to your collection, take a quick read through her interview, where you’ll find out what her BFF would say about her, see her vintage desk, and get a sample of her playlist. And don’t forget to pick up the freebie too!

Wild & Free Promo from Jenn Barrette

Blog  Designer's Newsletter  Designer's Facebook  Designer's Twitter  Designer's Pinterest

photoofmeJenn, you have a pretty good bio on your website, so let me ask you this: what would your BFF tell us about you?
LOL, love this question!  I would say they would probably mention the fact that I am prone to giggle fits. Something that is totally not that funny can totally set me off into I can’t breathe,  tears rolling down my face laughter.

I’ve been a fan of your products since your previous store. What started that fire for digiscrapping and designing your own products?
I can’t stand when things don’t match; color is super important to me. So when I started digital scrapbooking, I found myself frustrated when the colors/patterns of my daughter’s clothing wouldn’t perfect match the kits I was finding…so I started making my own! It soon became such a great creative outlet for me and soon I was coming up with my own themes/color ideas and loved every minute of it!

You mention in your bio that your style is “eclectic with a touch of vintage flair.” So who are some of your favorite designers?
There are so many amazing designers out there! Obviously I love my fellow Sweet Shoppe designers, before I was a designer there, I was on the Creative Teams of Lauren Grier, Shawna Clingerman, and Misty Cato and horded many of the other designers goodies;  Zoe Pearn, Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Traci Reed….! Outside of Sweet Shoppe Designs, I am a huge fan of Sahlin Studio, Val Wibbens, Allison Pennington and creashens.

What’s your preference – Mac or PC? Tell us what your favorite item is to help you design.
I have only had PC computers, but I do love my mini iPad. My favorite item to help me design…probably Pinterest. I love searching for inspiration and making design boards for my kits.

What’s your favorite part of the design process?
I love making my preview and seeing it all come together. Lots of designers hate previewing, but I just love seeing how everything meshes together

Describe your creative workspace/area. Can you share a photo with us?
My computer desk is actually a vintage vanity table without the mirror. I have a big corkboard hanging above, filled with photos of my family and little notes to keep me organized. Generally the top of the desk is a cluttered mess…I have a bad habit of living at my computer desk. The picture I have here was right after cleaning up my usual mess; it didn’t stay this way long. LOL


I know a lot of designers have a tough time answering this question:  which of your products did you have the most fun creating and why?
I really had a great time working on my collaboration kit “Full Of Laughs” with Shawna Clingerman. I think I am more known for my girly eclectic kits, so I love stepping outside that comfort zone and challenging myself. Working with Shawna is always great and she rocks “boy” kits like it is no ones business.

Full of Laugs by Shawna Clingerman & Jenn Barrette

Please share several of your favorite layouts made with your products.
Sweet by ttt83 - Simone is just the best at clustering.  She always amazes me, but this page is just such an amazing example of how she uses bright “girly” colors to scrapbook her boys and it looks awesome!



Dude by babycake –   I love the series of photos she used, and the page has great flow to it.

dude by babycake

dude by babycake

Barefoot and Free by gonewiththewind – Cheryl has such an awesome standout style to her pages, and this one is no exception. Love the blended photos and the use of paint.

barefoot and free by cheryl

barefoot and free by cheryl

Relax by tanyiadeskins – I love the starburst and the awesome side cluster.

relax by tanyia

What are 5 fun facts about yourself?
1)  I am a total homebody; a perfect evening for me is ordering take-out, and cuddling on the couch watching a movie, or binging on a full season of a TV show with my hubby.
2)  I don’t like hot drinks. I order iced coffee and frappucinos even during the cold Canadian winters. My current fave is a Vanilla Frappucino with a shot of espresso .
3)  I love online shopping. I live in a small town without a lot of shopping options, so it is kinda a necessity. I am on a first name basis with my postal delivery dude.
4)  One thing I really wish I had more time for is reading. My favorite book is White Oleander by Janet Fitch.
5)  I kinda love food. I could watch The Food Network all day and love to cook and bake. I am a bit of an amateur cake decorator.

Do you have time to scrap for yourself? Would you like to share a page or two with our readers?
I don’t scrapbook nearly as much as I would like…but here are a few of my favorite pages:

Imagination by Jenn Barrette

Imagination by Jenn Barrette

One Bright Kid by Jenn Barrette

One Bright Kid by Jenn Barrette

Not So Cool by Jenn Barrette

Not So Cool by Jenn Barrette

You mentioned you love “listening to bad pop music from the 90’s-2000’s. Name your top 3 favorite songs.
I don’t know if it is possible to narrow it down to 3 songs.  LOL  Here is a little late 90’s early 00’s playlist:

N’Sync – “Bye, Bye, Bye”
Britney Spears “(You Drive Me) Crazy”
Justin Timberlake “Señorita”
Missy Elliot – “Get Your Freak On”
Eve featuring Gwen Stefani – “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”
No Doubt “Don’t Speak”
Jennifer Lopez – “Jenny From the Block”
Aqua – “Barbie Girl”
S Club 7 – “S Club Party”
Eminem – “My Name Is”
Spice Girls – “Wannabe”

If you could pick only 3 colors to design a kit with – what would they be?
Aqua blue, lime green, maybe a bright pink? With black & white as the background for the pops of bright color.

What do you love most about being a part of the scrapbooking community?
I love how it brings people of all walks of life together; people from all around the world that might have never met  each other otherwise, can become best friends because of this hobby.

Before I wrap this up, what are you working on now? Do you have a “sneak peek” for our readers?
I am a “fly by the seat of my pants” kinda designer. LOL I have a long list of ideas going in my notebook, but not sure which one I will roll with first. But, my youngest did just got a new skateboard for her birthday, so I really want to make a girly skateboarding kit soon!


Thanks, Jenn, for stopping in and entertaining us! Be sure to visit Jenn’s Facebook fan page to leave a little love and thanks for the freebie below. The freebie will be available for the next 3 weeks, so grab it while you can by clicking on the image!

We Are Wild and Free: Add-On by Jenn Barrette Designs

Don’t forget – we take applications for Designer Focus features! Tell your favorite designers you would love to see them featured here at Real Life Scrapped!


Real Style: Watercolor

July 27, 2014 in Featured Posts, Real Style, Scrap Talk

Scrapbooking Trend Report on the Watercolor trend!

We’re finally bringing the Real Style series back!!! This time, we’re talking about my favorite new trend… WATERCOLORS!! And, one of my FAVORITE designers ever, Tracy Martin, has an exclusive discount for you to grab her watercolor-ful goodies!

Confession time… when I was in the second grade, I told my parents I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I was fascinated by watercolors at the time, and thought I was some kind of kid-genius for figuring out how to blend the colors without making my crayola tray all muddled up. I even took a weekly art class at church, but I wasn’t interested in any of the other mediums they introduced us to… just watercolors, and pastels if I was bored with water-coloring… which was rare.

So imagine my excitement when watercolor digiscrap products started appearing everywhere this spring. I can’t get my hands on enough of them! And I can’t help but pick those pages when doing the Standouts!! My second grade self is in scrapbooking bliss right now, and loading up on watercolor digiscrap stuff is cheaper than loading up on the physical stuff, huh?

Let’s check out some amazing watercolor pages from the Real Life Scrapped Gallery.

Page by Ona, products by Captivated Visions at SBG, click for full credits.

Page by Petra, various products, click for full credits.

Page by Petra, various products, click for credits.

Page by Ellen, various products, click for credits.

Page by Christelle, various products, click for credits.

In that last page, Christelle used a technique to turn her photo into a watercolor! You can accomplish that technique in Photoshop with this tutorial, or in apps like this one for iPad. Those pages ALWAYS standout in the gallery, especially when they’re paired with watercolored digital papers!

Ready to check out some of my favorite watercolor digiscrap products? I had to try hard to narrow this list down… and I failed, so there’s going to be a follow-up post in a couple of weeks!

First up, some goodies from Tracy Martin Designs!

TMartin-PaintedLove-900 TMartin-WatercolourPolaroids-900
TMartin-Shine-JCs-900 TMartin-Lemondrop-PaintsWords-900

I’m always a huge fan of Tracy’s quirky designs, and her generosity! If there’s one item you pick up from her store to start your watercolor collection, grab those awesome frames! What I love about watercolors is the way they make bright colors pop – something Tracy doesn’t shy away from!!

Here’s a 20% off coupon to her shop so you can pick up some of these goodies! Note: right now her store is on sale through Monday evening at 30% off, once the sale is over she’ll activate this coupon!

Coupon to Tracy Martin Designs

Brace yourself for some watercolored overload… believe me, my brain is over stimulated right now. It’s  going to be a miracle if I can finish this post!


I love how pretty much EVERYTHING in this kit by Kimeric Kreations is painted, it’s great for art journaling pages!

CD_BirdsOfAFeather CD_CelebrateSoftly

CD Muckosky also has a lot of watercolored items, these two were my favorites! I just love those birds!


Another great starting point when hoarding… er uh… collecting ;) watercolored goodies is to get papers! This set is well rounded with all the that are hot this year!

90ba0c86ed1740ad0c1299bdf6976082-d25c6b85f5eba01d9195fff0c3580490-600x 0da0bb30503712a9a426f16931d37045-ab78e17dfa148887e3f22960bf30a73d-600x

If you’re looking for some watercolored goodies in more muted colors, check out these two sets from GrafikBoutique.


Dawn makes tons of lovely watercolored items, this is one of my favorites!

0-956 0-994

If you’re a fan of art journaling and mixed media, then I don’t have to tell you that Anna Aspnes has TONS of watercolor goodies from brushes like these to stunning papers. My favorite is probably her series of watercolor templates!


Last but not least, if you want to magically photoshop something into a watercolor-like appearance, grab this action set from Mommyish! Available for CS and PSE.

Coupon to Tracy Martin Designs

That’s it for now! Don’t forget to use Tracy’s super generous coupon before it expires, and stay tuned for our next Real Style post! Note: right now Tracy’s store is on sale through Monday evening at 30% off, once the sale is over she’ll activate this coupon!


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Real Standouts – July 26th

July 26, 2014 in Real Standouts

Real Standouts

Hi, it’s another lovely sunny day here in the UK and I am loving it :) My garden is full of flowers and I can see from the gallery that lots of people are enjoying either their own garden or a visit to a garden. I’ve bought three beautiful hydrangeas for the garden in the last couple of weeks, two are an amazing red colour and the other is blue, however, what will happen with the colours in my soil is yet to be seen! The one I currently have is white so isn’t an indicator as white ones don’t change! So as you can guess today’s post features some flowers and a couple of non flower surprises :)

What beautiful flowers in Brenda’s garden and it’s great to read about her wildlife too, I spend hours watching the birds and squirrels in my garden too! I love her layout with a great mix of photos and journaling. A lovely page :)

My Happy Place by Brenda

More lovely flowers in this lovely page by Poki Sawyer. I love the use of the yellows and deep reds in the flower photos on this page, complemented by bronze frames, the green background and the collage style.

Botanic Gardens of the Ozarks by Poki Sawyer

Carmel has created a great arty page here, using this pretty photo of a flower boarder. I love the overall effect and the way she has taped down the “wire” element, which gives the page a 3D feel.

Spring Picture by Carmel

I love the layering of flowers on this page by Ellen. Firstly the flowers on the background, then the photos and finally the embellishments. A great layout :)

Plant a Flower Garden by Ellen

From flowers to travel, but sticking with great layering on this page by Melinda. I love all the stacked papers, photos and then embellishments combined with a little bit of journalling to create a great reminder of a trip away.

Summertime by Melinda

And last but not least this vintage style layout by Judy. I love the sepia colours and the old photo, the simple but effective outer frame and they use of embellishments. Really caught my eye :)

Summer Cruising by Judy

Enjoy the sun, if not enjoy the rain, either way enjoy scrapping :)