Real Standouts – September 30th

September 30, 2014 in Real Standouts

Real Standouts

And here it is the last day of September! There is a little chill in the air now.  Is it getting  cooler where you live, or are you headed to warmer weather?  I am going to keep things short and sweet today, so here are my picks for today’s Real Standouts!

Love this one by Shellby! My eyes was immediately drawn to it in the gallery.  Her flower photos are fabulous, and the overall design is very creative! Great job!

Check out this layout from Heather T.  I am just speechless. It is amazing how such a simple photo can speak volumes and create a mood that resonates throughout the entire page.  And there is poetry too! This is a real standout!

Hmm, had my health test today, and I need to start thinking about being more healthy. Maybe that is why I was drawn to this layout by Dalis? Love this art journal page about becoming a healthier you!  I think we all could probably improve a little bit in this topic! Way to go Dalis!

I am so happy I came across this layout from entitled Catherine Palace! It brought back memories of our visit to Catherine’s Palace. What a place of grandeur and beauty! I will be the first to admit, I am not a journaler.  But I am so happy she did! It’s a little history lesson combined with an awesome shot! Thank you Linda for sharing and helping me go back to St Petersburg!

I’m loving this funky fresh calendar page by Astrid! How cool is this? I have never seen a circular design like this.  Very unique.  Maybe I am hungry but those sweets look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

That’s all I have for today!  Remember to keep sharing those layouts, and who knows, maybe it will be showcased here on the blog! Happy Scrapping!


Not Just Pretty Dutch Designs, But Artsy Too!

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Today we’re sitting down with Chantal of Pretty Dutch Designs, who has her own personal shop and one also at MScraps. Pretty Dutch Designs features artsy kits and templates that are perfect for creating art journaling pages, but also work very well for traditional scrapping (which you’ll see in some of her favorite layouts below). Before we learn more about how Pretty Dutch Designs got its start, I wanted to note the special coupon below for RLS and to remind you to look out for the CT call at the end of the interview. Now, read on to see how math and science figure into this designer’s equation, her special cause, and what ice cream flavor describes her!

Real Life Scrapped Coupon from Pretty Dutch Designs

Blog  Designer's Facebook  Designer's Twitter  Designer's Pinterest

I first met Chantal through a mutual creative team. We have sons that are just a few months apart in age, so we’ve bonded a bit in discussing our kids. She is always connected, so I tend to get quick answers whenever I send her an online message – unless she just happens to be sleeping. :)

Chantal, since you just opened a shop at MScraps, I’m sure lots of folks would like to know more about you. Can you tell us about yourself?
On Sunday, I turned 33 years old. ;)  I have been married for 6 years to Bas. We live in the Netherlands. I am a mother of 3 kids: a girl (5 years old) and twin boys (3.5 years old). Since the birth of my little girl l made the choice to become a stay-at-home-mother. Before my daughter, l was a mathematics teacher at a high school. That is not my real profession; l studied building engineering (Bachelor’s) and graduated with my Bachelor’s and my Master’s in psychology. All three of my children were born premature (before 37 weeks of pregnancy). For that reason, l work with a whole lot of love as a volunteer for the Dutch association for parents of incubator children. During weekends, l like to visit the football stadium to encourage my favorite football club.

As I mentioned, Chantal and I met through a creative team, but what led you into the world of digiscrapping and designing your own products?
Two years ago, I was walking in and out of the hospital with one of my sons (actually with all 3 kids). ;) He had strange attacks and the neurologists did a lot of research. I found a friend whose kid had the same sort of attacks, and we talked about it. I asked what she did, and she said, “I am am a digital scrapbook designer.” I absolutely didn’t know what that was!!! In Holland it’s not so big as in the USA. So she told me everything about digital scrapbooking. That was something l wanted to know earlier, because since that time l am addicted to Digiscrap. I have two left hands, so I never could express my creativity. And now I can! I got Photoshop, and we fell in love! Photoshop loves me and I love Photoshop, LOL. So after a couple of months, I started on some creative teams (Jen Maddocks Designs, Jopke Designs, Crafty Button Designs and the site CT of Then I started to write articles and making layouts for Scrap n’Art Online magazine. I started to make my own art, and I sell it too. And a couple of months after that, I sold my first kits at! It went soooo fast! Here is one of my art pieces:

Tender by Chantal

Tender by Chantal

How would you describe your style?  Who are some of your favorite designers?
I am still searching a bit to find my style… I love art journaling and artsy styles. I love my latest collection (3 Oct release). My scrap style is grungy, artsy blending. I am not good at clustering. I love it when a designer makes clusters, so I don’t have to make it LOL.

I have a lot of favorite designers! Jen Maddocks – I love her Urban kits and masks. I love the humor, the emotions and the mixed media products in the Crafty Button Designs collections. I think I love the whole Scrapbookgraphics store ;)  I like the products from the Urban Fairy. Jopke Designs had such great Fancy Art Christmas Baubles last year, and I love her Fancy Art Roses. And at Mscraps we have some great great designers! Heather T, Romy, NBK, Blue Flower Art, and I know much, much more!!!!

What gets your creative mojo going? What inspires you?
Sometimes I want to design but then nothing coming out of my hands/brain. Then suddenly I get my inspiration and I have a thousand ideas. So it’s a thousand ideas or nothing.

I think inspiration is everywhere! I see things other designers make. I see inspiration on the Internet, like Pinterest. When I am walking outside, I get inspiration too. I see textures everywhere! And the last 6 years we have been through a lot. That’s an inspiration too!

What’s your preference – Mac or PC? What is the one design tool you can’t live without?
Absolutely a PC. When I studied Psychology at the University (for 4 years) we worked on Macs. But I never got used to it.

I can’t live without Photoshop. I had Elements for a short time,but I immediately felt handicapped. If I don’t have Photoshop, I feel lost. (or am I overreacting? LOL)

What do you like best about the design process?
About the designing itself I like that I can choose the colors I like. And that I can put my soul in the products. Choosing the wordart and I love to make papers!

Do you have a workspace designated for your creating? Can you share a photo with us?
That is one on my list! I have my laptop on the kitchen table and all my stuff is laying everywhere ;) Our house is for sale and I would love to get a room or a nice place for my workspace.


Which of your products did you have the most fun creating and why?
I love to make all my Artsy kind of papers. Playing with brushes and textures is what I love the most. And I love making the From The Heart Wordarts. And making brads or flairs is great too. They are just little artworks.

My first collection was the Preemie Power Collection. I made this collection with whole my heart because of my 3 premature children. I had never seen a collection like this.

These are my current favorites:

My Nature Kit by Pretty Dutch Designs

Artsy Fall Collection by Pretty Dutch Designs

Splattered Papers 1 by Pretty Dutch Designs

I know you are in the process of building out your creative team (see the special CT call below!), but can you share several of your favorite layouts made with your products? 

Autumn is Like Spring by Sonja S for Pretty Dutch Designs

Autumn is Like Spring by Sonja S

Follow Your Heart by Margje for Pretty Dutch Designs

Follow Your Heart by Margje

Memories by Alegna for Pretty Dutch Designs

Memories by Alegna

Going On An Adventure by Renate for Pretty Dutch Designs

Going On An Adventure by Renate

I am a Libra…I hate to choose. (I am doing the GSO fingerpointing blog too…. That’s so hard for me)

You’ve created some incredible layouts, but with three children, how often are you able to scrap? Do you have a favorite layout or two you’d like to share?
Since I design, I don’t have lots of time to scrap. I left a couple of creative teams because I don’t have time to scrap… But sometimes I FEEL that I have to scrap. Then the designing has to wait. I love scrapping (and designing) about emotions and feelings. It’s therapeutic for me.

I love the more dramatic ones ;)

Crown is one of my latest layouts:

Crown by Chantal

by Chantal

Extra Ordinary (I love this one because this is a very special photo for me and I love that the design is, for me, clean):

Extra-Ordinary by Chantal S

Extra-Ordinary by Chantal

And the last one “look again”: This one represents my scrap style ;)

Look Again by Chantal S

by Chantal

How does your family feel about your scrapbooking? Are any of them involved in helping to preserve memories?
They love my layouts. But I have to confess that since I discovered digital scrapbooking, I’ve never made a photo album. That’s a shame! I have to do that!! (Last week, I won the Digidares and from the coupons I bought some nice templates to make a photo album.)

What are 5 fun facts about yourself?
Oh yes, I have some weird funny facts ;)

  1. I love math and science (I was a mathematics teacher at a high school before I gave birth to my first child).
  2. I only read non-fiction books. I love books about terrorism, mafia, crime, serial killers, FBI.
  3. I have been in countries most people won’t visit, like Iran and Litouania.
  4. I am never satisfied. What I do is never good enough for me.… I always have to do it better and better. Pff I hate that.
  5. My biological thermometer isn’t working well ;) When everyone is wearing T-shirts, I wear a fleece sweater in the house. I am always cold. And when it’s hot in the summer I am complaining that I am too hot.

Random Question: If you were an ice cream flavor, which one would it be?
Whaha that’s a nice one! I would be vanilla with an outside crunchy chocolate and on the inside – soft caramel sauce.

I think on the outside I am a bit crunchy, but on the inside I am very sensitive and sweet. But you have to go through the crispy thing.

Are there any designers you would like to collaborate with?
Oh yes! I would love to do a collab with Crafty Button Designs and Jopke Designs. I already did a little collab with Erica Zwart Designs for a challenge at It worked out great!


What do you love most about being a part of the scrapbooking community?
That you share your emotions all the same way – through making something beautiful.

Lastly, what are you working on now? Do you have a “sneak peek” for our readers?
Yes! This Friday is the release of Messy Art. And here’s a layout I made with some of the products! I hope you like it! It was really fun making it!

Sneak Peek of Messy Art Collection by Chantal for Pretty Dutch Designs

Sneak Peek of Messy Art Collection by Chantal

Thank you, Chantal, for stopping in to chat with us! If you like what you see and want to be a part, Pretty Dutch Designs is having a CT call!

Finally, be sure to “Like” the Pretty Dutch Designs Facebook fan page to get the latest news and when you do a little shopping, remember to use the coupon code at the top!

Don’t forget – we take applications for Designer Focus features! Tell your favorite designers you would love to see them featured here at Real Life Scrapped!


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by Natasha

Real Standouts – September 27th

September 27, 2014 in Real Standouts

Real Standouts

Hello :) I hope that everyone is well, had a great week and having an even better weekend :) And a special note for Cynthia as we know she is not feeling great at the moment, that I hope the weekend see’s you still recovering. The gallery is full of great autumn layouts and it’s lovely to see all the photos of the changing season.

Today’s first layout really caught my eye. I love the photo and how Amy has integrated it into her layout. The squares of paper look great and she has finished it off with a lovely little cluster top left.

Old Telegraph Pole by Amy

Beautiful autumn colours in this layout by Melissa. I love the clusters and layers of papers which complement her photos and finished off with a great bit of journaling.

Fall by Melissa

A beautiful arty layout by Alanna. Love the clustering around her lovely photo of an artist at work :) Great layering on the background too creates a nicely finished page.

Art for the Soul by Alanna

Debbie has created a great layout full of colour. I love how this page all fits together, the photo, framing, journaling and cluster. Brilliant.

Closed by Debbie

Ella has also created a lovely colourful layout . A page of layers and clusters complements her lovely photo. I love her use of curves, it creates a great effect.

Plum Perfect by Ella

Last but not least is this fantastic page by Scrapdolly. I love the butterfly photo on the torn frame, lovely journaling and great layering of elements :)

Wilderness Butterfly by Scrapdolly

I’ll be back next week weekend with another RSO post :) Until then keep snapping and scrapping and I’m looking forward to seeing all those great layouts.


Funday Friday – September 26th

September 26, 2014 in Funday Fridays

Funday Fridays

How is everyone doing on this first Friday of autumn? I am doing pretty okay! Work has been super duper busy not only because of flu shot season, but also because I just got back from a two week vacation.  Funny how you sometimes need a vacation after coming back from vacation!  Enough about my woes! Let’s get down to business!  LET’S GO SHOPPING!!!

New to Etc by Danyale this week, a perfect Fall infused kit inspired by those sweet memories of play and pocket treasures collected by my children during those crisp Autumn days – Climbing Trees and Falling Leaves. Buy the Kit before 10/3 and get the Word Art Set FREE!


Another kit I was drawn to is Harmony a collab by France M. Designs and Anita Designs.  I just love the pink combined with the other colors in it!


So Happy by Red Ivy Designs Has a free with purchase offer!  I always love her elements.  They are always so whimsical!


This kit from JB Studio Designs called Falling in Love is just gorgeous!  If you haven’t had a chance to, you should also check out her challenge here on the RLS blog!  There is also a participation prize!


Next up is this bundle from Studio Sherwood, It’s only Natural~Earth!  I love all the nature inspired tones and elements! It’s just lovely!


Lonetta Avelar also has an autumn inspired kit called Zephyr releasing this week!  Love the florals and that crocheted element! .


I have to say I love squirrels!  I don’t know if it’s because they remind me of my ferrets, but I do, I just can’t help it!  Little Butterfly Wings new kit called Shades of Autumn has squirrel patterned paper!!!! Yes please!!!


And check out this kit from Amanda Yi and Sweet Caroline Studios called Focus, Click, Repeat!  I am gonna have to snag this one! What a fun kit! Perfect for all the cell phone pics and selfies.


Dagi Temp-tations has these cool Calendar Toppers templates.  They would probably make really neat brag book pages too!


Southern Serenity Designs has some autumn inspired templates out this weekend called When September Ends!  These make anyone a clustering pro!  Trust me on this one!


Even though it may be the first Friday of fall (say that five times fast), it is the fourth friday of the month, and that means Oscraps Mini O’s!

09-26 minis sept haps

For you art journaling fans out there, I love this word art inspired kit by Studio Unica called Imagination!  Her word arts are always so lovely!


If you are a fan of art dolls, you are going to want to check these out in these from Courtney’s Designs called Validation!


And how gorgeous is this bundle by Jen Maddocks called Fall Back?

a1cb0f4ce9b0f3fe38511dfffa525ae9And for $5 you can get three full size kits and one set of templates from the ScrapStacks ScrapPack! What a great deal!



That’s all I have for you today! Thank you for joining us for another Funday Friday!  Be sure to submit your goodies for next week’s post! Have a terrific weekend! And Happy Fall Y’all!


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by Cynthia

Real Standouts – September 26th-

September 25, 2014 in Real Standouts

Real Standouts

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all well- I’m on recovering (slowly but getting there) from surgery I had last week- precisely a week ago today- Never thought “key hole surgery” would have the power of rendering me in so much pain, but luckily is getting better and allowing me to do a bit more, so here I am with some absolute beauties from our gallery :)

Shinning Autumn by Jenni aka chaos-lounge: Funnily enough, I have been a fan of her pages for quiet a while, though I don’t think I have ever picked one of hers…ever, not post a single comment in them, so I thought now I have a bit more time I corrected that- She has amazing beauties- a gorgeous daughter and she brings the beauty out in the pages with her art work- Love the softness here and still so much intensity…amazing page all together!!!!

Overwhelmed by LindyShay: another one of my fav scrappers, paired here with some of my most favorite designers too: Unica with her word arts that are out of this world, a collab ViVa Artistry & Gypsy Couture (if ever was a match made in heaven in scrapbooking, these ladies sure are!!!) plus Amber aka Crafty Button…. from LindyShay’s hand all the creations take shape into an amazingly powerful page…..

Be Inspired by Melissa: now, this is cute overload, beauty with so much sweetness…love the stitching making the p[age border and in the frame, the layering is perfect with perfect shadows too…the photo the center of the cuteness….super sweet and gorgeous page!!!!

Discovering the swimming pool by Sarah aka pml is another sample of cuteness and perfection: LOVE the water colored background, the take on the template, the smart photo crops and every little bit with so much precision here….gorgeous absolutely amazingly gorgeous!!!!!

Play by Jan aka Intense Magic and here we have another awesome work of art by two of my fav people- these women are so amazingly talented- Etc by Danyale with her designing & Jan with her scrapping- nothing can ever go wriong with these two: perfect pages each time- Here I am transported to the season in full glory,perfect composition, gorgeous layering and so much movement that follows the photos….stunning page!!!!

I love you my Doudou by Gaelle aka Ga_L is strikingly beautiful and full of emotion!!!! Love how she can make wonders and tell stories with blank space, but her full photo pages are my most fav- Love the black & white here- what amazing capture!!!! beautiful layering and mixture of textures, love the simplicity & at the same time how much really is in the page!!!!! Gorgeous!!!

So, this will be all from me tonight. Hope you enjoyed and get inspired by these as much as I do…..until the next one, congratulations ladies and thank you all for sharing a bit of your story with us!!!!