It’s been a while since my first webinar and I’m still blown away by your amazing response

On this webinar, I will be sharing insights from my previous webinars about how to inspire your audience.

In this webinar we all learned that people love hangouts and they want to be able to talk live with their friends in a digital format. This was a first step in creating an online meeting around hangouts likeGoogle Hangouts. The next step is the introduction of Hangout on Air.

I’m back after a year break. I had to take some time off because of the holidays and I wanted to come back with new material.

I want to share with you my best webinar ever which was a real pleasure to record, edit and upload. I enjoyed working on this video very much because it was not only a result of my attention and passion for creating videos, but also because it’s an example of the type of use cases that we have seen so far from AI writing assistants, including their ability to simplify cognitive tasks by automating actions like reading, visualizing and summarizing content.

The most striking point about this webinar is that we didn’t talk about the technology itself but rather about its usefulness in real-life scenarios. When I talked about an ethical way for AI writers to share their knowledge with others (that will be covered in another post), you could say that this idea was already hinted at in our first talk together where I mentioned some ethical ways how.

Some of you may know that I’m working on an idea for a book about webinars and meetups. And I had to call on a group of people to take part in it. They are amazing, so I am very thankful to all participants.

I spoke about the topic in my first webinar ( njd-webinar-2 ) and we talked about the basic principles of webinars and meetups, what made me choose them as topic, why they are still so popular among professionals (the timeless nature of them), how they work, what benefit they could bring to me as a professional online blogger , …etc.

If you have been reading me, you already know that I am a big fan of webinars. And there are many ways we can use them to help us reach out to our customers who may not be as active on social media. So I decided to do another webinar with some great tips and tactics that you can use to make your next webinar better than the last one.

I also wanted to share with you how people reacted when they attended my webinar at Zoom conferences.

“We needed to get you off our hands as soon as possible – and that meant giving it an amazing presentation that would captivate and keep you engaged. We knew we had to design something dynamic, flowing and engaging – so we created Google Hangouts in order to give us the perfect platform.”

Every company needs to be ready to respond to the changing digital marketplace in the future. The web is on a turn as fast as Google’s search engine and now even your online meeting with an online professional can be flooded with useless content. In this webinar, you will learn what it takes to have a full-blown webinar that attracts not only your customers but also their attention and make them want to engage with you.

The response to the webinar was fantastic! I was glad to see that you are still interested in what we are going on with. It’s been a while since my first webinar and I’m still blown away by your amazing response.

This webinar was quite different than the previous ones. They have been longer and more technical. I’m still blown away by your amazing response and would love to have you on the next one!

I am really happy to be here today. It’s been a while since my last webinar and I’m still blown away by your amazing response! What is it that you do well? And what are the most pressing questions you get asked on the webinar?

On this webinar, I was blown away by the response of our audience who were so excited by your webinar. Wow!

Answering a question on Twitter that you didn’t prepared for.

Everything was going well. I had a great time and I am happy to announce that Google Hangouts is now available for everyone on my website.

I’m sure you liked the content, but no one wants to read it. So, if you want me to write it for you and make it look amazing, just subscribe me by clicking on the link below and let me know what you think!