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October 22, 2012 in Designer Focus

Today we’re sitting down with Blue Heart Scraps from GingerScraps. JoyLynn is a kit designer with a traditional style and LOTS of goodies!  Somehow she’s found the perfect balance between being a full-time college student, wife, mom to two rambunctious boys… AND still designs a ton of awesome products!

And just because she’s so awesome — JoyLynn is having a Spooky Sale along with her feature! Keep on reading to get to know more about JoyLynn and grab a freebie!


Tell us about yourself!
I’m JoyLynn, married to Kyle for 11 years, and mommy to two of the cutest little boys ever! (Tyler’s 6 and Hayden’s 4)  I’m a full-time student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville working towards my Bachelor’s Degree.  I love movies, music, enough TV shows to keep the DVR fully stocked and falling asleep with my Nook in my hands.

How did you get started in scrapbooking? How did you stumble upon digiscrapping?
I tried paper scrapping after my first child was born, but it was far too messy and constraining for my OCD issues.  I wasted so much money creating pages only to decide I wanted to change one piece or another and having to restart the entire sheet.  Digital scrapbooking (and its lovely undo button) is far more my style! :)

Hehe I was the same way… well, it was my husband’s OCD, he can’t stand any stray papers! That and I’m a total mess when it comes to cutting things and gluing… speaking of which….

What is the one thing you always have to have in a kit or on your pages? 
Every kit has to have flowers – they’re so incredibly helpful when it comes to clustering.  It’s ironic, though – I don’t really like actual flowers, and with two little boys to scrap, I don’t do many frilly/flowery pages.  But, the idea of creating a kit without a single flower just feels wrong, LoL!

What got you into designing? How long has it been?
Curiosity.  I had been involved in the siggy community for years and spent tons of money on beautiful scrap kits.  But, I’m a curious girl who loves to challenge herself.  So, put me in a store forum where they encourage you to try to create things yourself (and a little encouragement and peer pressure from a few designer friends) and I can’t say no! :) I designed my first mini kit 2 years ago.

What inspires your products?
Most of my inspiration comes from my life – my boys, myself, our experiences and emotions and feelings. But, I also find inspiration from color patterns and nature and random doodles during my college classes.

What is your favorite thing to design?
Papers – the variety of pattern options, the texture you want to just reach out and touch…just makes my little heart putter :)

Tell us about your workspace!
I don’t actually have a designated workspace.  With two little boys, I have to be flexible.  If Tyler’s at the table doing homework, then I’m sitting beside him.  If the boys are playing back in the computer/play room (or if I’m at a point where I need to pull the tablet out and get my doodle on), you can find plugged up on the empty end of my husband’s computer desk.  The rest of the time, I’m kicked back in the recliner or bed with the laptop in my lap.

Do you have a dream designer you would like to collab with?
Not exactly.  I’m a firm believer that we each have our own strengths and ideas to offer, so the ability to work with any other designer is a great opportunity.  (Well, that and I just get so gosh-darn excited that a fellow designer considers my work worthy of collaborating with that how am I to say no?  LOL)

What is your favorite product? Why?
Oh, that’s hard!  I love all of my products, by my heart is usually with the last one I created.  After all, it’s had more of my time, attention, and creative mojo pushed into it lately.  Right now, that kit is Ghoulish Delight – the perfect spooky cute touch to all of your Halloween layouts and creations!  :)

Hehe I LOVE that kit!!! Keep on reading – JoyLynn has an awesome freebie to go with it!

Let’s check out some awesome pages with JoyLynn’s products! 

Our Story Begins by Aulia using “Your Story Begins

Finding My Strength by Crystal using “Stay Strong

Making the Grade by Michelle using “Make the Grade

Time for the freebie! Don’t forget to check out JoyLynn’s Spooky 31% Off Sale and grab the Ghoulish Delight kit to go with the freebie!!  

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download expires after three weeks

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking this time to get to know JoyLynn and her products!  Don’t forget – we take applications for Designer Focus features! Be sure to tell your favorite designers, if they apply you might just see them here soon!

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